As a big video game nerd, I was super excited to be able to contribute to the Uncharted film. We were tasked with working on VFX shots throughout the film and helping with the overall design language of various elements. Having played through all of the video games I was ready to approach the design from a unique perspective of a nerd and artist. Thanks to Ruben Fleischer for bringing us on and trusting us to collaborate with him on this film.

I worked on some many different elements that I wanted to share the unique design and look development process on each of them. I created a handful of montages below to illustrate a small sample of some of the experiments and explorations we did. Seriously poured myself into this project and hope these show how much love went into the work.

Alma Mater
Role // Creative Director , Designer, Compositor, Animator
A snippet of the design process to create the Indiana Jones style map transitions that we developed for the film. We wanted to create a nod to the original homage but also try to develop a look that felt fitting to the narrative and world of Uncharted. We explored a wide range of styles from an old aged style atlas to something very techy and modern. We found a good balance of creating a unique aesthetic that had some hints of UI but feeling tangible and detailed.
While working on shots throughout the film, one story element that we were asked to help develop was the UI screens while they were flying in the C17 plane. We helped created a narrative jump from finding the map and decoding the next location to travel to and search for the gold. 
Design and look development for the locators throughout the film. We explored a lot of options covering designs that matched the location, puzzle based reveals, gold treated type and a visual style akin to the video games. We wanted to pay homage to the video game's established aesthetic while also adding an updated take to it.
Design process for the film's logo during pre-prodcution and pitch phases. Ultimately we didn't end up contributed our designs to the final film designs.

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