Collaboration with Rob Mapp for a submission to the Beeple Studios gallery show. With the given installation space as our canvas, we approached the project as a way to create a captivating and seamless landscape across the displays. Our goal was to immerse the viewer within an expansive vista, a seemingly boundless world that envelops the viewer. We sketched out our layouts across the wide aspect ratio and create a 3D scene filled with sculpted formations and fauna. Collaborating on the look, layout and style, we created a series of stills that we brought to life in After Effects with subtle animation.

Although our piece was not picked for the final selection to be displayed at the event, we are super proud of our collaboration. Had a blast trouble shooting and creatively problem solving this very challenging installation space and sheer size of the screens. (1.5k x 18k resolution)

Special thanks to Garrett Appleton for extra modeling assistance and to Kenza for her support, creative input and late night creative sessions. 

Renders from the template provided by Beeple to preview the installation space.
Stills created from the template with provided renders of the architectural visualization of the space. Process stills from the creative journey below.

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