Following the footsteps of the first season's main title, Alma Mater once again brought a unique and hand crafted sequence to the series. I didn't get to contribute a lot to the first entry but this one I definitely got to wade into the pool. Brian set such a bold and iconographic style to follow and we used a handful of techniques to create a tactile sequence. Custom stamps, ink, and texture led the way to making sure we created a consistent visual language that got augmented by comp, frame by frame, and 2.5d animation. Fun sequence for a fun show, done in a seemingly simple but tedious and meticulously crafted.  

Creative Director: Brian Mah
Visual Effects Supervisor: James Anderson
Designer: Brian Mah
Previz Animator: Robin Roepstorff
Animators: Eric Demeusy, James Ramirez, Dan Meehan, Robin Roepstorff
Compositors: Eric Demeusy, James Ramirez, Dan Meehan
Cel Animators: James Ramirez, Sean Latrell
Editor: Keith Roberts
EP/Producer: Ben Apley

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