Honored to have been brought for the highly anticipated sequel to INTO THE SPIDERVERSE. This sequence was really challenging for a number of reasons but bridging the gap between part one and part two was an immense task. Super thankful for another collaboration with Alma Mater, they always give me room to make mistakes, contribute to the whole process and to make fun work together. Thanks to the film directors and producers for collaborating with us on this project and the work is a result of sharing a vision together.

Main on End Titles designed by Alma Mater
Creative Director: Brian Mah
Designers: Brian Mah, James Ramirez
Visual Effects Supervisor: James Anderson
Compositors: Eric Demeusy, Renzo Reyes
3D Animators: James Anderson, James Ramirez, Andrew Rasmussen, Robin Roepstorff, Richard DeForno, Yas Koyama, Hatem Ben Abdallah,
2D Animators: Mohamed Elaasry, Luis Roca
Editor: Keith Roberts
Storyboards: Hugh Keenan
EP/Producer: Ben Apley

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