What would this film be without the visualization of Harold Crick's mind, we almost found out. After attempting a few rounds of treatments from various vendors, FX Cartel reached out to MK12 to pick our brains. After reading the script, the team put together a few motion test and concepts to represent the inner workings of Harold Crick (Will Ferrel). We successfully came up with enough material that the director, Marc Forster, opened up the film as a collaboration with us. We went from creating a main title sequence, to removing the titles and letting it be the film's open, to also creating various FX shots throughout the film. The final sequence we created was a proper title sequence for the end of the film. It was a long process, with hundreds of hours poured into meetings, brainstorms, and sketches but at the end of the day, it became an iconic piece of motion graphic history.  
Role / Art Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing

Final film open

Final main on end title sequence

Title design explorations

Title design explorations

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